Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Dutch Masters Wedding Inspiration

Hi all,

So we have been waiting for this stunning shoot to appear on Whimsical Wedding Wonderland so we can pop it up on our blog and share these awesome pics with you then over the weekend our wish came true and here they are!

This shoot was the brain child of our very own Queen T who took inspiration from some of her favourite artists, The Dutch Masters with colour pallets that you would find in the oil paintings of Rembrant, Vermeer and Co.  As you will see from the photographs Shelley Richmond captured the opulent feel beautifully and the gorgeously grand Saltmarshe Hall provided the perfect backdrop.

For the florals we opted for roses and other large blooms like Protea, and mixed up textures combining the likes of whispy, barely there ferns with seasonal anemone to create more drama.  To make the most of the stunning staircase we crafted a unique sculptural, waterfall installation using verdant foliage, textured broom and gorgeous tulips for a pretty colour pop.  If you are looking for wedding inspiration we can definitely recommend a statement floral piece to really make your day unique to you.  The free - flowing feel was also carried through to an asymmetric bouquet, and we also created a very full and romantic flower crown to complete the look. 

We got to work with a real wedding supplier dream team, most of which were based here at Light Space Collective.  Massive thanks to all of the following suppliers:

Concept, styling and flowers - Us!
Hair and Make Up - Jenn Edwards and Co
Stationery - Wildwood Paper
Cutlery - PML Plating
Model - Amber Ackerman

Now just scroll down and enjoy!

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Lottie and Paul's Cornish Wedding - Meadowy vibes and a man in uniform.

Hi all,

We love working with all our brides but it is always so lovely when you get to design florals for someone you know!  Lottie and Paul are very good friends of T's, so much so that she was asked to also be a witness at the wedding, and have become good friends of mine too.  Looking through all these photographs was such a joy and so hard to just pick a select few for our blog.

The couple wanted a super relaxed feel to the day with a small ceremony at the rather grand and stunningly beautiful Port Eliot, St Germans in Cornwall inside the Orangery  with all the guests going back to the holiday house which they rented for a meal prepared by their very own chef!  The day started with bacon sarnies all round which if you ask me should be compulsory on the morning of a wedding.  I just had to start the blog with the bacon pictures, it just looks so good!

Paul is a Marine so wore his full dress uniform for the day with Lottie opting for a little less traditional sage green dress which suited her skin tone beautifully.  Lottie had her dress specially made as she is expecting her first baby any day now, exciting!  

In terms of florals Lottie wanted quite a wild asymmetric design with plenty of texture finished of with ribbon trails.  The flowers chosen were freesia, scented narcissus, broom, lisianthus and plenty of eucalyptus and tanacetum.  Our bride has gorgeous long auburn hair and wanted a flower crown to compliment her lovely locks, so the design was kept really wild with some absolutely stunning large blooms in there.

Lottie only had one bridesmaid, her sister Jess, who had a hand tied posy with flowers and foliage similar to the bride but on a smaller scale.  Paul had a sprig style buttonhole which sat nicely just above his medals.

Massive thanks to Drew Forsyth Photography for sending us all the incredible images.  I am sure this isn't the last we will see of this wedding.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

British Flowers Week - Our secret garden shoot

Hi all,

So as you will all be aware from our Facebook page and other social media we have just celebrated British Flower's Week and what better way to celebrate than to do a stunning shoot featuring all British grown flowers with some awesome suppliers in a secret location.  These photographs originally featured on Boho Wedding Blog but here it is again in all glory just in case you missed and also just because it's such a beautiful shoot and we love it.

British flowers are a subject quite close to our hearts here at Campbell's and wherever possible we use locally grown British blooms in our designs.  For this photoshoot we really wanted to showcase these local hero's and show people why locally grown really is the best.  Seasonality is key when picking British as they look better, last longer and smell amazing!

Here are a selection of the stunning pictures taken on the sunniest day in May, hand picked for your pleasure.  I suggest you pour and ice cold lemonade, sit back and enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Kirsten and Matthew's Kelham Island Wedding - Cheerful blooms with a personal touch

Hi all,

This year saw quite a few Spring weddings which was great for us as the florals are so bright and stunning at this time of year and Kirsten and Matthew's florals were no exception.  Kirsten and Matthew got married at Kelham Island which is a favourite of ours when talking venues steeped in Sheffield history.

The couple wanted a very relaxed and informal day with no particular theme.  The brief we were given for colour was cheerful and bright and as always T delivered with her vivd floral designs.  Kirsten wanted a posy style bouquet with a just picked feel, the flowers chosen were double tulips, ranunculus, late scented daffodils, narcissus, muscari, lilac freesia, antique carnations and roses. What made Kirsten's bouquet extra special was the addition of her Dad's medals to the binding.  We cannot stress enough how happy we are include special and unique touches to your flowers, it really is the little things that matter.

Kirsten had one bridesmaid who carried a smaller version of her bouquet and a flower girl who carried a wand and also had some super cute flowers in her hair.  Buttonholes were a sprig style design and packed full of the super bright flowers.

Venue flowers included a mix of jugs and jars with a fun floral design on the front of a bike as you entered the venue.

Massive thanks to Tierney Photography for letting us have these stunning images, scroll down and enjoy!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Jen and Matt's Rivington Hall Barn Wedding - relaxed, rustic and plenty of laughs

Hi all,

Today I am bringing you a real wedding from March this year.  Jen and Matt got married at St Thomas Parish Church in Leicester with the reception being held at Rivington Hall Barn.  They were such an awesome couple to work with, spending most of the consultation leading up the wedding laughing away at each other!  The couple wanted a super relaxed day with the flowers looking like they had just been plucked from a spring garden.  Jen is a massive fan of jewel colours which T mixed with pretty pastels.

For her bouquet Jen wanted a very pretty, natural, just picked design  with plenty of texture mixing small and large blooms.  The flowers used were french tulips, peony tulips, ranunculus, veronica, freesia, wax flower and blue muscari.  Jen had gorgeous ribbon trails which gave it that pretty festival style.

Flower crowns were very much a feature of the wedding with the bride and bridesmaids all wearing them with Jen having a larger designs and the bridesmaids having a simple wax flower and muscari design.  Bridesmaid bouquets were a similar yet slightly smaller than the brides bouquet but still featured super cute trails of ivory ribbon.  Buttonholes were kept rustic with a sprig style and ribbon finish.

Again venue flowers were kept nice and springy with plenty of country garden flowers and colours to suit the theme.

Massive thanks to Pixies in the Cellar for the gorgeous images.  Nothing left to say just scroll down and enjoy, oh and watch out for the appearance of Maximus sporting some gorgeous flowers!

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Kate and Russell's Inner City Wedding - 99 Mary Street & Trafalgar Warehouse Fun Foliage

Hi all,

I am so excited to be blogging this super cool inner city wedding from March this year, we don't usually get the professional photographs so fast but we are lucky enough to work only a couple of desks away from Ellie Grace Photography in our little studio and she was more than happy to send them across.  This was a real Light Space Sheffield affair as we got introduced to the gorgeous couple by Flick from Inner City Weddings who planned the couple's wonderful day.

The couple got married at 99 Mary Street with the reception being held at Trafalgar Warehouse. Even though it was an urban setting Kate and Russell were very keen on bringing the outside in with plenty of plants, flowers and foliage.

When it came to Kate's bouquet, texture was very much at the forefront of our minds with a very wild and asymmetric design - a key trend this year.  Flowers and foliage chosen were lisianthus, wax flower, broom, ferns, ivy, asparagus fern, green bell, eucalyptus and other seasonal blooms.  Kate's flower crown was kept delicate using just wax flower.

Bridesmaids had more of a hand tied posy design using lots of foliage with a little broom (one of my faves, smells amazing) and wax flower.  The flowers crowns were a fuller design than Kate's but again using lots of leaves and foliage interspersed with lisianthus.  Buttonholes were a simple sprig design featuring rosemary and lisianthus.

Venue decorations were again rich with foliage using bottles supplied by Inner City Weddings to house our little sprigs of loveliness.  We hung large leaves from the ceiling at the ceremony venue and had olive trees dotted about too.  It just looked incredible.

Another massive thanks so Ellie Grace Photography for the amazing picces and Inner City Weddings for making us part of their team.  Just scroll down and enjoy!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Decades of Bridal Style - Mr and Mrs Unique

Hi all,

We just love working on photoshoots especially when it's with our fellow Light Space buddies.  This photoshoot was pretty special to me because as you can see it features yours truely!  The concept was to celebrate 6 iconic years of bridal style, concentrating on hair and make up, dresses and of course flowers.

I was the 1940's bride and what made it that much more special was that I was wearing the dress that me Nan Nan got married in and the most wonderful thing was it fitted perfectly.  My Mum found it when clearing some things out of the house and apart from a little wear and tear it (due to Mum playing in it when she was a little girl) it was in great condition.  The dress was made out of parachute silk as material was scarce during the War Years.  My little shoot was originally just something that T, Shelley, Jenn and I put together as a surprise for my Mum for Mother's Day so to see myself alongside these stunningly beautiful models in a magazine has just blown me away. 

Anyway enough about me, the magazine is available to pick up now or you can read it online by following this link.

Hair and Make Up - Jenn Edwards and Co.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Concrete Jungle - A Sheffield Urban Warehouse Inspired Photo Shoot

Hi All

I'm absolutely delighted to bring you our latest collaboration with fellow creatives at Light Space Collective Sheffield. For some time I'd really wanted to get a group of us together to feature the move that some of our couples are making towards choosing warehouse weddings and to showcase the cool concrete containers and wonderful geo vases I'd been slowly adding to the Campbell's collection for some time. Finally,  we all found a day in our hectic calendar to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

The place was the uber cool and recently re-vamped Portland Works  and the look and feel I wanted to create was simple and contemporary showing the beauty of exotic plants such as Monstera along with succulents, cacti and air plants. Our gorgeous models wore striking catsuits which I sourced from ASOS and provided a really stunning alternative to a traditional wedding gown - perfect for those of you who are planning an urban wedding - the florals championed foliage throughout with just a hint of marsala and creamy blooms.

Big thanks go to Shelley of Kindred Photography for the beautiful shots, to Jenn & Natty of Jenn Edwards & Co for the astonishingly beautiful hair and make up, to Dani from Maytree Photography  for ably assisting, to Grace of Wildwood Paper for lending us her fab stationery and lastly a big shout out to our stunning models Katie Altoft & Izzy Lindley who braved the falling temperatures wearing very little, without a murmur - you did good ladies!

Finally, I'm super proud to say that thanks to Amy & Soph's efforts the shoot was featured So Your Getting Married blog . I've long been a fan of Phoebe's super stylish blog (Cosmopolitan agree too, having named it best wedding blog!) and have followed her since I started Campbell's, so was really thrilled when I heard we were to be featured.

Here are just a few of the fabulous shots from the day, I hope you love them as much as I do.


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