Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Kate and Russell's Inner City Wedding - 99 Mary Street & Trafalgar Warehouse Fun Foliage

Hi all,

I am so excited to be blogging this super cool inner city wedding from March this year, we don't usually get the professional photographs so fast but we are lucky enough to work only a couple of desks away from Ellie Grace Photography in our little studio and she was more than happy to send them across.  This was a real Light Space Sheffield affair as we got introduced to the gorgeous couple by Flick from Inner City Weddings who planned the couple's wonderful day.

The couple got married at 99 Mary Street with the reception being held at Trafalgar Warehouse. Even though it was an urban setting Kate and Russell were very keen on bringing the outside in with plenty of plants, flowers and foliage.

When it came to Kate's bouquet, texture was very much at the forefront of our minds with a very wild and asymmetric design - a key trend this year.  Flowers and foliage chosen were lisianthus, wax flower, broom, ferns, ivy, asparagus fern, green bell, eucalyptus and other seasonal blooms.  Kate's flower crown was kept delicate using just wax flower.

Bridesmaids had more of a hand tied posy design using lots of foliage with a little broom (one of my faves, smells amazing) and wax flower.  The flowers crowns were a fuller design than Kate's but again using lots of leaves and foliage interspersed with lisianthus.  Buttonholes were a simple sprig design featuring rosemary and lisianthus.

Venue decorations were again rich with foliage using bottles supplied by Inner City Weddings to house our little sprigs of loveliness.  We hung large leaves from the ceiling at the ceremony venue and had olive trees dotted about too.  It just looked incredible.

Another massive thanks so Ellie Grace Photography for the amazing picces and Inner City Weddings for making us part of their team.  Just scroll down and enjoy!

Thanks Aimz, so happy you've blogged this wedding as I totally loved, loved, loved everything about the design process.  Kate was just so easy to work with and after giving us a wonderful five star review on facebook, we're pretty sure we nailed this one!  Thanks Kate & Russell, you were awesome to work with.

Here's what Kate had to say ...

"Just wanted to say thank you to Tracey and her team for the perfect wedding flowers (leaves). As someone who knows nothing about flowers, Tracey understood by ramblings about 'green stuff' perfectly and we had so many comments on the decor. Thank you!!"


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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Decades of Bridal Style - Mr and Mrs Unique

Hi all,

We just love working on photoshoots especially when it's with our fellow Light Space buddies.  This photoshoot was pretty special to me because as you can see it features yours truely!  The concept was to celebrate 6 iconic years of bridal style, concentrating on hair and make up, dresses and of course flowers.

I was the 1940's bride and what made it that much more special was that I was wearing the dress that me Nan Nan got married in and the most wonderful thing was it fitted perfectly.  My Mum found it when clearing some things out of the house and apart from a little wear and tear it (due to Mum playing in it when she was a little girl) it was in great condition.  The dress was made out of parachute silk as material was scarce during the War Years.  My little shoot was originally just something that T, Shelley, Jenn and I put together as a surprise for my Mum for Mother's Day so to see myself alongside these stunningly beautiful models in a magazine has just blown me away. 

Anyway enough about me, the magazine is available to pick up now or you can read it online by following this link.

Hair and Make Up - Jenn Edwards and Co.